Upload Instructions

Uploading the Match Manager data to the Website.

To upload the Results Data to the website is extremely simple, you will need to have the organisations login details (provided by us) and have a Licenced copy of Match Manager.

When you have configured the competition and all the details are entered you need to do the following:

  1. Click on ‘Export
  2. Select ‘Export Results Live on the internet..
  3. Select the ‘FTP‘ Tab
  4. Enter the following details
  5. Export Settings
    1. ftp.shooting-results.co.uk
    2. This is the login name that you have been given for uploading the Results e.g username@shooting-results.co.uk
    3. This is the password that you have been given by us for the above account
    4. This is the location of the export, you will see from the drop down that you have some options available to you and can choose an upload folder
  6. Click ‘Start‘ this will then sit in the background and upload the scores every 30 seconds to the Results website.

The results will then be available on the website, the URL is going to be something like this http://shooting-results.co.uk/organisation name/Competition/Year for some organisations there is no folder for the competitons as it is not needed.

If you require some help setting this up please email Support@shooting-results.co.uk (please note that support is not instant)